Custom CoLab Consultation

How It Works

After your design consultation you will receive an email with a free shipping label to send in your garment/s.

Once we receive your garments you will receive an invoice for the customization and an estimated delivery timeframe.

Once we receive payment for you order our team of artisans will begin the magical transformation of your garment.

Your Chrysalized Creation will be shipped back to you within the estimated timeframe.

Service Level Options

Level 1 | $100-$300 | 1-3 Materials
Knit, crochet, embroider, trim, detailing to cover damage and/or embellish existing features of garment.

Level 2 | $300-$600 | 3-6 Materials
All features of level 1, plus knitted panels and patches added to cover larger areas of garment.

Level 3 | $600+ | 6+ Materials
All features of level 1 + 2, plus entire portions of the garment transformed into knitted versions. Additional features added to garment, sleeves, collar, and/or pockets.