Custom CoLab Consultation

How It Works

We ask for a $50 deposit to secure your design consultation. After your purchase, you will receive instructions to print your shipping label and send your garment.

The consultation will be at least 2 weeks from the purchase date. 

If your garment does not arrive in time we will reschedule your appointment so we suggest shipping within 3 days of purchase.


Service Level Options

Level 1 | $100-$300 | 1-3 Materials
Knit, crochet, embroider, trim, detailing to cover damage and/or embellish existing features of garment.

Level 2 | $300-$600 | 3-6 Materials
All features of level 1, plus knitted panels and patches added to cover larger areas of garment.

Level 3 | $600+ | 6+ Materials
All features of level 1 + 2, plus entire portions of the grament transformed into knitted versions. Additional features added to garment, sleeves, collar, and/or pockets.

We look forward to CoLab'ing with you!