Butterfly Blankets

Our wearable Butterfly Blanket was created to add a unique and luxurious design accent to your decor while cocooning at home AND to turn heads with your effortlessly chic style when out and about.

Ultra soft and cozy sustainable bamboo throw featuring intricate Butterfly artwork printed on silk chiffon and in one-of-a-kind Knitz.

Metallic backing and hand embroidery with metallic thread on the butterfly adds a subtle but magical sparkle making this cocooning and statement piece extra special.


Vintage Leather Biker jackets are upcycled and transformed into Vests featuring original metallic artwork on canvas from @allresin hand embroidered as Butterfly patches on the back.


Inspired by the metallic dots on the chrysalis of the Monarch Butterfly, we have created a collection of Metallic Monarch masks.

Lepidopterists believe that the metallic dots are used for filtering particular wavelengths of light that may be harmful to the Monarch.

So with this collection much like the majestical Monarch you can stay safe but still shine.


Creatively curated vintage designer garments and selectively sourced denim are upcycled and collaged together with Sashiko embroidery creating a patchwork version of our signature Butterfly Mask design.


Take your cocooning on the road in our super chic Cocoon Cape.

Modern and vintage sleeping bags are transformed into extra cozy and super stylish capes.

All lightweight and breathable yet ultra warm - transform your in-flight look into the perfect travel blanket and back again!


An array of yarns and techniques are used to create a collage of kaleidoscopic KNITZ transformed into bodycon dresses and as overlays for creatively curated designer vintage pieces.


Vintage and modern sleeping bags are upcycled and transformed into the perfect blend of loungewear and streetwear.

Pair with your fave tee to get cozy on the couch or throw on a cropped sweater and boots to make a statement on the street.


Our original Butterfly Mask design was based on the Viceroy Butterfly. 

As a form of protection the Viceroy changes color to look like the Monarch who is known to be poisonous to its predators. 

Inspired by the adaptability and flair of the Viceroy, we created this print in a kaleidoscope of colors each with their own meaning and symbolism.


The Swallowtail symbolizes the ability to balance and honor both the solar (masculine, proactive) and lunar (feminine, intuitive) aspects of your inner being.

The female Swallowtail sport the beautiful silvery blue crescents on the bottom edge of their back wings which speaks to the special connection women have with the moon.


The 88 Butterfly features the powerfully vibrating angel number 88.

This signifies abundance and prosperity. It is also the number of karma and universal spiritual laws of cause and effect. 


The moth, like the butterfly, is also a symbol of the psyche and represents positive aspects of transformation.

Moth symbolism dictates that you must trust you will eventually see the light. Even if things seem to be complicated right now, use your heart to guide you.

We have created a series of masculine moth prints inspired by the Cecropia and Tussock Moths which are available in an assortment of neutral colors.