Upcycled. Inspired. Fashion. - The Chrysalis Lab It's incredibly tempting to think that diversifying and accommodating a broad audience will lead to success, but in reality, it can lead to confusion and a loss of the unique value and message I initially set. 

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Emma Trask, Founder of The Chrysalis Lab: "Bring Your Unique Talent, It Will Make You Shine." 

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Backward Fashion

Is Fashion Art? A Journey into Upcycling and Wearable Art 

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Glitch Magazine

The Chrysalis Lab: How Emma Trask Has Metamorphosed Her career and Her Imprint on Fashion 

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Good Magazine NZ

Stylist to the stars turned sustainability style leader – Kiwi expat Emma Trask is setting the trend for being different, rather than off-the-rack same, same. 

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Ankha Azzura

Breaking Fast fashion: is cultural sustainability the solution?
Thrilled to share Emma Trask interview with Michelle Monaghan for Ankha Azzura Magazine.

Beauty News NYC

The intention was to evoke a sense of escapism and a departure from the ordinary, both in lifestyle and fashion” says Emma Trask to Elizabeth Hazard in this interview for Beauty News NYC .

PAGE Magazine

Breaking Boundaries in Fashion: The Chrysalis Lab Leads the Upcycling Revolution 

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Emma Trask Carrie Underwood’s longtime stylist talks to Lindsay Alexander about slow fashion, building a brand, and why she doesn't follow trends.



Breaking Boundaries in Fashion: The Chrysalis Lab Leads the Upcycling Revolution.

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Costume Designer Emma Trask Discusses Carrie Underwood's Glitzy Las Vegas Residency Wardrobe



Our Designer and Founder, Emma Trask, upcycled and customized client Kandace Lindsey’s looks for fhe newest edition of Beverly Hills Living 



Fashtalks interview with our designer and founder Emma Trask to discuss the vision behind The Chrysalis Lab, passion for design, and her background as a stylist.

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Our designer and founder Emma Trask speaks on her mission to promoting sustainability and conscious consumption in the fashion industry. 

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Our Founder, Emma Trask, chats about her work styling and collaborating with Carrie Underwood for her Las Vegas Residency in a February 2022 People Magazine Exclusive.

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Our brand was featured as a trend leader for our Wearable Butterfly Blankets at the Coterie Digital Trade Event this spring. 





Billboard praised our very own founder, Emma Trask, for her costume design of client Carrie Underwood’s Vegas Residency.

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Written by EMMA TRASK