Immerse yourself in The Chrysalis Lab, a hidden gem among Malibu's trees. With the Upcycle Atelier and inviting outdoor spaces, we cultivate community. Discover the beauty, self-expression and sustainability we celebrate.


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Improve Your Health, Creativity and Prosperity through Intuitive Practices
Saturday June 3rd | 10 AM - 12 PM 

Guests will leave this workshop feeling refreshed, recharged, and INSPIRED.

The experience is designed to connect guests more intuitively and powerfully to their physical and mental health and their creative powers. 

A guided meditation is included along with journaling of impressions and simple, clear instruction on engaging methods that are scientifically proven to develop intuition. 

We will also explore specific ways guests can utilize these new Intuitive skills in daily life, in relationships and in creative projects and business.



Saturday June 10th  | 4pm - 6pm

Cultures around the world enjoy tea in ceremony, ritual and recreation as a beautiful way to connect with the plants, yourself and spirit.

Whether your daily routine consists of tea or not, Marguerite takes on a unique approach from the otherwise traditional silent tea ceremonies. She facilitates a guided plant meditation immersion experience that blends mindfulness with education and creativity. This experience will ignite a passion for the Ritual of Tea and foster an understanding of how to use this process as a meditation tool.

While sipping on your tea, you will receive prompts to keep you in the present moment and engage with your senses. You will learn about the powerful effects the plants have on our mind, body, & spirit.  

Afterwards you will create your own herbal tea blends to enjoy in the comfort of your home.





Saturday July 1 | 4 PM - 6 PM 

Welcome to “Bling it Up,” a creative and fun-filled workshop where you can add bling to anything you desire! Participants will have the unique opportunity of upcycling their favorite items including sunglasses, clothing, home decor and more using rhinestone chain and flatbacks - and imagination! 

The class is led by experienced rhinestone artist, Randall Byers, who will provide guidance and expertise throughout the process. Randall will kick off the class with a 30-minute discussion about the world of rhinestones, sharing tips and tricks for working with these sparkling gems and inspiring participants to explore their creativity.

During the remaining hour and a half, participants will have the chance to put their newfound knowledge into practice as they embellish their chosen items with lots of bling and sparkle. Randall will be on hand to offer guidance and support, ensuring that everyone leaves with a shining masterpiece.

Whether you're a seasoned crafter or a beginner looking to try something new, this class offers a unique opportunity to upcycle your favorite items with the timeless beauty of rhinestones. So come along and join us for a one of a kind class.


Learn the Craft of Espresso and Latte Art
Saturday, July 8th |  10 AM - 12 PM

This workshop is an introduction to the techniques of craft coffee, espresso and latte art. Guests will learn the basic science behind the perfect espresso shot, including the process of dialing in espresso grind size, coffee to water ratios and calculating proper brew time. Participants will also learn the basics of the most aesthetic part of coffee-making – milk steaming and latte art. Whether you own a home espresso machine or not, you will be able to glean practical skills and knowledge applicable to virtually any brew method.

Students will have the chance to gain hands-on experience with a top-tier home barista espresso machine, the Breville Barista Express, as well as a top-tier commercial espresso machine, the La Marzocco Linea Mini. In addition to espresso and milk training, guests will also receive a bonus training on brewing the most accessible and delicious cup of black coffee with the pour-over method.
Participants will walk away with pamphlets that outline the skills and techniques covered in class and information on further consulting and development (including a free follow-up consultation!) so that they can continue their barista training journey.



Saturday July 15th | 4 PM - 6 PM 

Your Inner Creativity exists, no matter what your current relationship to your art is. Our creativity is something we have to nurture and take care of. It's something that we have to foster like any other relationship in your life.

Over the last few years, Ashley Sutton has been working extensively on her connection to her own creativity over the last few years and has landed a place where every single moment of her existence is drenched in her unique creativity. And she wants to guide you on this journey for yourself!

This course will provide you with the tools to help you connect your mindful practice to your artistic avenue.






Summer Rolls & Sake
Thursday July 20th | 7 PM - 8:30 PM 

This will be an interactive cooking experience. We will use local, seasonal ingredients in a creative recipe that is centered around health and sustainability, celebrating Vietnamese cuisine with a Malibu twist in these DIY summer rolls and delicious dipping sauces. Enjoy samples of amazing sake to pair with our food, sponsored by Sake High!




Saturday August 5th | 1 PM - 3 PM 

 Make their own hydrosol/ natural spray mist and face toner using Kangen Beauty Water and essential oils





Saturday August 12th | 10 AM - 1 PM 

 You will design a create a soft sculpture using rope, wire and a variety of yarn. This piece can be for table top or hung on a wall. Great tactile and creative experience.



Saturday August 19th | 12 PM - 2 PM 

The workshop will provide creators with a platform to paint their leather or faux leather pieces (shoes, purses, jackets). The guests will get an opportunity to learn how to paint on leather and create their own unique one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art. They will learn how to clean the leather, paint it, seal in the paint, and how to take care of their piece. In addition, they be guided on design ideas and style of painting.






Taste + Makers
Saturday, May 6 2023 | 3pm - Sunset
at The Chrysalis Lab


The Chrysalis Lab envisions our recurring "Taste + Makers" event as a gathering of innovative and mindful creators, craftsmen, and artists, joining forces to showcase their masterpieces to both the local Malibu community and visitors.



Taste + Makers Event
Taste + Makers
Saturday, February 18th | 2pm - 6pm
at The Chrysalis Lab


The Chrysalis Lab’s vision for our regular “Taste + Makers” event is to bring together creative and mindful makers, artisans, artists and share their creations with our local Malibu community and visiting guests.


Woven Art Experiences 
Saturday, May 21st | 3pm - 6pm
Event filling up fast, sign up soon!

Fiber Artist, Trudy Perry will guide you through the art of loom weaving to create your own woven art piece. This workshop is designed to experience fun self-expression guided through her crafts and connect with your fiber soul. At the end of this creative session, you will be rewarded by taking home your own unique original woven art.
Wines of the World 
Saturday, May 28th | 6pm - 7pm

Wine Director and Sommelier, Elaina Leibee offers an introductory class on Organic and Biodynamic wines of the world. Topics covered in the class include, the 5 S's of wine tasting, wine styles, fermentation, sulfites, how to read a wine label and a flight of five wines.

From vivacious white to elegant red, you will experience and learn to enjoy wines even more after the class!
Tea Ceremony & Tea Blending Experience 
Sunday, May 29th | 4pm - 6pm

Marguerite of 'Resonating Earth' is hosting a Tea Ceremony & Tea Blending experience. Sit in the presence of medicinal plants and engage with their senses; While sipping on your tea, you will learn about the powerful effects plants have on our mind, body & spirit. After being guided & educated you will create your own tea blends to enjoy in the comfort of your home. You will leave feeling nourished, informed and connected to yourself and nature.